The Haunted Tavern in Ventura

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early funeral
19th-century funeral procession down Main Street

Ventura California is full of coastal history.  Especially the old downtown area. The team and I have enjoyed walking the streets and into the old buildings, speaking to mangers and owners in hopes of gaining a paranormal investigation location, and many have great ghost stories to share but many are reluctant to have the title of being “haunted”.  Some worry it would hurt business, but others, like The Tavern feel it is good for business.

Previously known as Landmark No. 78, and now The Tavern, this beautiful house was built in 1912 for a prominent Ventura businessman named Carlo Hahn.  It was designed in the late Victorian style to complement the grand Sciappapietra Mansion that once stood in the adjoining parcel.  The house was remodeled as a restaurant in 1971

The Tavern

We had a great tour from the management who knew where the original house started and ended and what was an addition to the house in later years.  It was fascinating to walk around and see what would have been an outside wall with beautiful Victorian windows, was now inside the establishment do to expansions.

This charming house does have some active spirits.  Staff and guests have all witnessed something paranormal.  But the biggest claim is that of Rosa.  It is said that Rosa was that daughter of an Italian family. She was in a loveless, arranged marriage and became pregnant by another lover.  The rumor is she hung herself in her bedroom, which is now the upstairs women’s bathroom.

Mission San Buenaventura

The investigation was at 7:30am in the morning, (not something we do often…zzzzzzz) because it’s one of the more quiet times in the house.  Investigators and spirits needed the morning coffee.

Sadly we did not capture Rosa on film, but we did encounter a touchy spirit.  Was it Rosa or Carlo? We have no idea.  At one point I was in the upstairs hallway dealing with an unruly camera and I heard a very loud breathy moan right behind me.  Unfortunately I wasn’t running equipment at the time.  But it gave us a great place to start!  During the investigation of the hallway I gave the spirit permission to touch my shoulder.  He/she did a little more then that…the Mel Meter started to dramatically rise just as my bra strapped dramatically moved along on my shoulder.  I love when equipment and personal experiences go hand-in-hand even when it’s a bit…well more then you expected.

Later in the morning another investigator felt someone tug on her hand while she was holding equipment when we were downstairs talking about the original fireplace in one of the rooms that we were admiring.
Old Ventura homestead.

Evidence Review

(Simply click on the underlined links below and allow some time to load)

We caught some very interesting audio.  Thankfully our team is very good at always having a recorder running at all times. From the moment we walk through the door we have a designated recorder to run the entire time we are there, through our walk-thru and our equipment setup, and even as we are taking things down and putting things away for the night.

We have found in the past that you can get fantastic EVPs when you aren’t investigating but going about normal stuff, or having normal conversations. Such is the case with the first audio clip.

Audio 1

Bang_womens bathroom

WE LOVE THIS ONE! The entire team is in the Mangers office talking just minutes before we started the investigation, and the recorder is left down the hall, on the counter, in the woman’s bathroom, that is believed to have once been Rosa’s bedroom.  We caught this great BANG.  The odd thing is we didn’t hear it from the office. The manager seems to think it might be one of the bathroom stall doors shutting.  That kind of thing has happened before to a friend of a staff member who was using the facilities and the door next to hers slams when no one else was inside there with her. Was it Rosa? Was she upset we were there? Or was she trying to make herself known?

Audio 2

Male voice_upstairs hallway

(The “hum” and “that’s probably” is my voice, listen for the EVP between those two words)

This EVP  was captured in the hallway where I heard the breathy moan and had my bra strap pulled on my shoulder.  Frisky fella! Keep in mind the only male in the house was the Manger who was in his office at the time of this audio.  The team and I are talking about the pipes above our heads. You can hear me saying “humm” but there is a male voice right after that. We can’t make out what he is saying. Maybe “space”??? Is it Carlo trying to join in on our conversation?

Kim & Kim

We really enjoyed our time at The Tavern and we look forward to spending more time there investigating and enjoying the ghosts…and ahem…even the spirits from the bar.  We have been invited back for a 3am investigation and we are looking forward to discovering more of the history of this location as we go along.

The staff cares about the place and it’s old inhabitants.  They really want to know who they are spending hours, and hours with in the house.  Who should they greet as they enter the house? And who do they wish goodnight to as they lock up for the night?  Is it Rosa?  Would she like being addressed and welcomed?  Or is it Carlo Hahn? Is he keeping eye on the business side of things? The girls from Haunted After Hours hopes to find out!

You can visit The Tavern’s website

Don’t forget to listen to our radio show on every Thursday night 7pm pst & 10pm est!

Paranormal Bully & Drama Free Zone

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What I like about our Haunted After Hours Radio Show is we have a vehicle to voice our opinions on what we are passion about right at our fingers tips.  I have been on break from the show for a few weeks due to a prior commitment, and I was bummed when I heard the topic the girls were going to discuss one Thursday night, and that I could not attend.

The girls did such a great job on the show I also asked them to give there thoughts again on our website.  And I really wanted a chance to voice my opinion on subject.

Liz, Jolene and our guest host “The other blonde Kim” discussed all forms of bullying. From childhood bullying, to online bullying and even paranormal bullying.

Many of us have been bullied as children, I am no exception. I was being targeted on a daily bases just for being different from most of the children attending a particular school.  My school years were so bad in one city that my family did the right thing and packed up and moved to another city.  And thankfully I was able to start a new life there and I did very well in school until I graduated.

But those experiences 20 years ago molded the person I am today.  I would NEVER dream of hurting anyone intentionally.  There is not a wire in my brain that will allow me to do something cruel to any other living person.

I am now living the dream of being a paranormal investigator.  But I have been shocked at what goes on in the paranormal community.  I had no idea how wide the network was until I got started, and how the internet has played a role in abuse.  I have witnessed people being attacked online and in person by dominate members of other teams.  You would think that being an adult and dealing with other adults that your life could be relatively tragedy free. But for some reason there are many in the paranormal community who thrive on it.  Gratefully I have been lucky enough to have been mentored by some pretty tough-as-nails paranormal friends, teammates and teachers on what to look out for and how to deal with just plain old mean people.  But it’s sad that all this happens over something we all share the same passion for.


Our little show even got a not so nice letter from a listener that didn’t like our style.  She was rude and unkind. Frankly, there was no reason for it.  Just simply stop listening if you don’t like our show. Don’t send hate letters.  You don’t know us, but if you did you would feel bad. We are really nice girls with big hearts and we care about our community.  Just think of that next time you want to do something you know is hateful to someone. Just think about the person on the other end.  But to be honest, we found it very easy to not get upset over it.  We even printed it out on nice pink paper and put up on our office wall!

Hate mail

I think my message to anyone listening to our show or reading this post is this…there is plenty of ghosts and plenty of locations to investigate. There is room for everyone.  Some people laugh at paranormal-unity but I am a firm, firm believer in that.  There is always something you can learn from another teams. Enjoy what others have to offer.  Even gain knowledge from their mistakes.  If you have been subject to some attacks, understand that you can distance yourself from the drama.  Don’t feed into it. Be honest to yourself and the work you do, surround yourself with great people who love and support you and you will be surprised at how happy you can be.

The girls of Haunted After Hours wish a happy and safe investigation to all our paranormal peeps!


stop bullying

The bullying segment that we did last week had a profound effect on me. Being able to finally speak out about my birth defect was an incredible experience for me. Throughout my entire life I have never understood how people can be so mean and cruel to others. The people that are bullying are really the ones that I believe have the issues.  Not those of us born with birth defects or anything that doctors classify as being wrong with us.

My whole life I have been bullied because of my defect.   Yes it really hurts but you know what I have to say to ALL of those people is “Thank You”.  They have made me understand WHO I don’t want to be around.   Why do I want to spend my precious time around people who bring me down?

And most of all besides all the great things my parents taught me.  The experience of being bullied taught me how to be stronger and more compassionate but most of all that I am perfectly fine just the way I am.  I love who I am!!!!

Don’t let others destroy your happiness.  You are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! !!!!!!!



As children we all experienced bullying.  We thought once we were adults we would not have to deal with it anymore.  For some folks they don’t deal with bullying anymore.  Then facebook came about and bullying came about again.  Then you get the paranormal community and you get even more bullying.  What happened?

As kids we don’t really understand the consequences of bullying.  As adults we should understand the consequences.  And as paranormal investigators we should know fully the consequences.  Yet the most bullying I have seen in my adult life has been in the paranormal community.  They have ranged from nasty e-mails to facebook posts.  The interesting thing is that none of the bullying as occurred face to face.  The bullying has happened over the internet.  When I hear other investigator’s stories of the bullying that is occurring to them or read nasty facebook posts I get disgusted that this is going on.  We are not teenagers and we should know better.

I am referring to myself in this mainly because I am part of the paranormal community and paranormal bullying gives all paranormal investigators a bad reputation.  Even now as I type this I know I am going to get hate and guess what?  That’s paranormal bullying!  I am fine with someone telling me their opinion on the subject matter but there are always people that will be hateful.  These people are called trolls and the paranormal community has them.

I do hope that the paranormal community realizes that we should be respectful to others.  What if the general public found out?  They wouldn’t want someone who is disrespectful investigating their home.  Be nice folks and be respectful.


bully draw

Although I may not have experienced bullying from other ghost hunting investigating teams, I have heard the stories. And what I personally experience is an apprehension to be able to share my own beliefs or experiences for fear of what others may think of me. Will people believe me? Will they think I’m crazy? Have they had the same experiences? These are the questions I ask myself when wanting to investigate a place for the first time or perhaps when I am seeing or hearing something and would like to ask someone near me if they are experiencing what I am at that time.

I recently asked someone if they would be open to allowing us to investigate they’re very public place. I told them that it would be no problem keeping it a secret. I was told that they did not believe in that sort of thing and they would give me $1000 if I could prove that there was such thing as ghosts. I went on to ask what would you consider proof?

They kept saying you know proof solid proof. I said would you consider video footage of orbs, mist, dark shadows that are in the shape of a man walking across the floor proof? What about EVPs? I mean, what is proof? And if I were to supply these for you wouldn’t you then just say that they were rigged? I think he is expecting someone to grab a ghost bring it to him. He actually did see my point that I was making. However, in the long run my request for an investigation was denied. No surprise there. Unless you have had these experiences for yourself no one can make you believe in the paranormal. As for me, I am a believer. Maybe one day being a ghost investigator will be widely accepted.

~Other Blonde Kim (Guest Host and Investigator)


A 30 Year Haunting in Newbury Park

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newbury old

I love doing home investigations. These families have to live with their spirit houseguest day-in and day-out and it makes me happy knowing our team can bring them answers which brings them comfort.  Because we all know that living with a ghost can be sometimes scary.

The home is located in a beautiful housing tract in Newbury Park.  Clean large houses, very quiet block.  With 30 years of activity, witnessed by all family members.


The homeowner is one of the nicest people we have ever met.  Very sweet and very accommodating to our equipment and investigation protocols.  We spent part of the night investigating the main rooms of the house where there has been activity but sadly there was none that night. However, our time spent in the bathroom is a different story! Who knew that in that small space we would such an unconventional paranormal hotbed of activity! I will admit, we had moments where my hair stood on end. It was quite exciting.

I love that by the look of this home, inside and out you would never think it was haunted. Then again neither did the Freeling family.  Poor CaroleAnne.


I was really proud of our client.  She was so brave even while hearing the male disembodied voice answer her question. And the homeowner was thrilled with the night.  This was only our first time at this location and we look forward to our upcoming investigations and providing her and her family well deserved information and assistance.



Haunted After Hours was called in after the homeowner wanted to finally know what was going on in her home.  For years activity occurred on the second floor of the beautiful house located in Newbury Park , California .

The homeowner was so sweet and welcoming.  She had explained that over the years that her and her family lived in the home they would hear footsteps above them on the second floor when they knew no one was upstairs.  One of the closets upstairs had clothes knocked off the rack and there was no explanation for it.  Years back her daughter had taken a shower upstairs and when she got out of the shower there was human blood on the sink.  No one and no animal had entered the bathroom except for her and it was not her blood. 


We came in and we set up our equipment.  We set up our IR camera to face the bathroom door.  it seemed that whatever spirits were in the house woke up once we entered the bathroom.  We did an EVP session and asked if anyone had attempted suicide in the bathroom (there were no reported deaths in the house).  We then asked if the had cut themselves by accident?  The owner of the house asked if they cut themselves by shaving.  Then Jolene heard a disembodied voice reply ‘No.”  Which we also caught on our recorders.

Soon, right behind us (Kim and I were standing right in front of the sink) when we all heard the facet behind us turn and water dripping in the sink.  We all turned to see and we could see and hear the water flowing from the sink.  And right after the Ovilus said “water.”   We decided to just leave Kim and Jolene in the bathroom while the rest of us watched from the hallway.  And again the facet turned on by itself. 

Great night, really exciting with great results.  We are looking forward to going back to investigate.


Evidence Review

We have permission from the client to write this post and share our evidence.

Bathroom: We are trying to figure out where the blood had come from.


Bathroom: We are asking if there is anything they would like to say to the homeowner.


Bathroom: We are discussing the faucets turning one. And our Ovilus joins the debate.

“Ovilus Water” EVP

Sadly the faucet turning on and the water running can’t be heard very well from our cameras. But it was a great  night we will not forget!


Tombstone Arizona: The Bird Cage Theater Investigation

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Allen Street today

Tombstone is a city in Cochise County, Arizona founded in 1879.  Far distant from any other metropolitan city, by mid-1881 Tombstone boasted a bowling alley, four churches, an ice house, a school, two banks, three newspapers, and an ice cream parlor, alongside 110 saloons, 14 gambling halls, and numerous dancing halls and brothels. All of these were situated among and on top of a large number of dirty, hardscrabble mines. The gentlemen and ladies of Tombstone attended operas presented by visiting acting troupes at the Schieffelin Hall Opera House, while the miners and cowboys saw shows at the Bird Cage Theater, “the wildest, wickedest night spot between Basin Street and the Barbary Coast”.


The Earp brothers Virgil, Wyatt, Morgan and Warren Earp arrived in December 1879 and the summer of 1880, all assumed roles as lawmen at one time or another which led to ongoing conflicts with Ike and Bill Clanton, Frank and Tom McLaury, and other Cowboys. After repeated threats against the Earps by the Cowboys over many months, the conflict escalated into a confrontation (Doc Holliday joined the Earps) that turned into a shootout, the now-famous Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.


The Bird Cage Theatre was a combination theater, saloon, gambling hall and brothel that operated from 1881 to 1889 in during the height of the silver boom. The Bird Cage Theatre operated continuously – twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year – for the next eight years. It gained a reputation as one of the wildest places in the country.  More than 120 bullet holes are evident throughout the building.  When ground water began seeping into the mines in the late 1880s the town went bust, the Bird Cage Theatre along with it and the building was sealed up in 1889. The building was not opened again until it was purchased in 1934, and the new owners were delighted to find that almost nothing had been disturbed in all those years. It has been a tourist attraction ever since.

allen st

Early Allen Street

There is something about the Wild West that has always intrigued me ever since I was a little girl.  I remember my grandmother taking me and my little sister to Knotts Berry Farm, and my favorite things to do was ride the train and get held up by the legendary Billy the Kid!  I also think Grandma Gladys shaped my adult gun-slinger obsession by taking us on summer road trips to ghost towns.  But my favorite has always been Tombstone, AZ.  My favorite movie to this day is Tombstone with Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer. Hummm, might just watch it this weekend!

early birdcage

Early Bird Cage Theater

We arrived on the perfect weekend. The weather was warm with mini thunderstorms, the sky was always gorgeous.  We somehow made it there when it wasn’t packed to the rim with tourist.  We almost had the whole town to ourselves, especially after hours. We drank and ate and drank some more with the locals (who enjoy dressing up as late1800’s dancehall girls and cowboys) and hearing their stories.

Finally 10pm, Saturday night rolled around and we were let inside to investigate the glorious Bird Cage Theater.  Just the 4 of us and our wonderful ghost host for the night.  It was everything I expected it to be and more.

early birdcage3

Early Birdcage Photo

Before we even went inside the building, I heard footsteps walking up to the big front doors as if someone was going to open them, and Jolene saw who made the footsteps and watched them disappear into the floor.  Throughout the night we heard more walking, and things moving.  At one point I was alone in the main room, Jolene and Liz were backstage, and her Husband was down in the basement.  And something in the main room dropped and sounded like a bunch of coins.  It was so loud even the docent opened the door and came into the room. We looked and didn’t see anything.

The folks at the theater welcome ghost hunters, and they are very proud (and they should be!) of the way they have been able to hold onto that building and leave it in a state of eternal rest as if they just opened the doors for the first time since the 1890’s (minus 100 years worth of dust of course) with a lot of the original fixtures, furniture, personal belongings and even the bullet holes in the ceiling and the wallpaper!


To this day, it takes my breath away every time I look back at the wonderful night spent inside the Bird Cage Theater. I know we plan to go back this year and I honestly can’t wait.  My last visit to Tombstone made it a very hard one to leave.  I think I could be happy there.  Who knows, maybe in a past life I was there, maybe that is my connection.  Someday I hope to have the funds to buy a little pioneer home and stay in town with those colorful locals anytime I feel like stepping back into time.



In the summer of 2012 I took a trip to Tombstone, Arizona.  I have always wanted to go to Tombstone.  I wanted to walk the streets that Wyatt Earp walked.  Finally that dream came true.

I remember arriving to Tombstone and I thinking “This town is like a movie set.”  First thing first, the girls and I went to check out the Birdcage Theatre.  We had an investigation the next night there and we wanted to scope the place.  We took a tour of the Birdcage Theatre and our guide told us that the owner’s son was at the local bar across the street.  We went to the bar where we were welcomed by the locals.  We instantly fell in love with them and we hope it was vice versa too.  We shared stories of our ghost adventures as we drank for hours.  Of course we squeezed in dinner during that time but it didn’t stop us from partying with the locals.


The next day, we checked out the town of Tombstone.  We went to see the cemetery and the historical sites.  We watched the reenactment of the shootout at the Ok Corral, where our new local friends were in.  We even dressed up and took pictures.  Tombstone was a pretty cool place.

Later that night we headed back to the Birdcage Theatre.  It was time for our investigation.  This was the reason why we were here and we were not disappointed.  During the investigation I kept getting touch.  My face and my legs kept getting caressed by unseen hands.  At one point something tapped my head.  Since the Birdcage Theatre used to be a brothel I was not surprised.  I never felt scared or threatened there, which usually I don’t feel.  The Birdcage Theatre is, out of all the places I have ever been to, the place I have been touched the most.  They definitely liked me there.


Today, I still dream of going back to Tombstone, Arizona.  I want to go back and drink with the locals.  I want to investigate the Birdcage Theatre again.  I know Jolene, Kim and I have talked about going back.  Maybe we’ll go back by the end of the year.  And I hope we do.



Here are some of the EVPs from that night. We caught some great video that we will share later after we cut it.

EVP #1


We have left my recorder up on main stage of the theater, and all of us are walking down into the basement. We are not near my recorder at all and it sounds like the voice is very near my recorder. I think it says “GO”.

EVP #2


This was taken with us up in the backstage area, and it was after midnight. We are a team that is really good at tagging outside noise. So  It was a really quiet night outside and it was very late, so I can almost say it might be from inside the building with the 4 of us. I have no idea what it is saying.

EVP #3


I am sitting alone in the main stage of the theater, Jolene and Liz are backstage, and Harley is in the basement.  Our ghost host was in her office behind two sets of closed doors. Something dropped and it sounded like large coins in the main stage area with me. It was so loud even our docent heard it and came into the room thinking we dropped something. We looked for the source and couldn’t find it. It did startle me a bit, but I sat right back down, on my own and continued with the session.

The Spirits of Ojai

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Ojai is one of California’s hidden spiritual treasures.  Nestled in the mountains between Ventura and Santa Barbara, the city of Ojai has been able to hold onto its small town charm and mystical atmosphere.

The Chumash Indians were the early inhabitants of the valley. They called it Ojai, which derives from the Ventureño Chumash word ʼawhaý meaning “moon”.[

The city’s self-styled nickname is “The shangri-La of Southern California”, referring to the similarities between the health-and-spirituality-focused region and the mystical sanctuary of James Hilton’s novel Lost Horizon.

Ojai Ave before the Arcade

Ojai Ave business before the Arcade front.

Ojai is a great place to shop (all small business, no large chains here), stay at the spa, play some golf, eat some wonderful food and drink wine, catch a play or watch an independent film or a walk around their eclectic art galleries.

Since Ojai is lined up with an east-west mountain range, it is one of few towns in the world to have a “Pink Moment” occur as the sun is setting. The fading sunlight creates a brilliant shade of pink for several minutes on the Topatopa Bluffs.

Ojai holds a special place in my heart. I have lots of friends there, I have done many plays in their theaters. It it my favorite place to go when I just need a day to “get away”. It is also one of my favorite places to investigate the paranormal.

Ojai new Arcade 1918
New Ojai Ave Arcade 1918

What I like about the city is folks are not hung up on image or consider ghost and spirits taboo. As a mater of fact it is quite the opposite.  They embrace it.  If you are ever looking for a spiritual or mystical shop, Ojai has many to choose from.

We have investigate a few public places in Ojai, but our most recent was a home location.  The homeowner bought a charming small house, with a fantastic large and pre-landscaped backyard and has been slowly renovating it.  They enjoy finding old relic of the house and placing them back within the home as it adds the charm it once held when it was first built.

But as we all know, renovations bring on the spirits.  They claim to have full bodied visits from a previous owner. They would see him mostly at times when they are working on the home at that exact moment.  They also get voices, knocks and bangs, and footsteps crossing the fabulously weathered wooden floor.

Ojai Arcade 1935

Ojai Ave, Arcade 1935

Unfortunately Jolene couldn’t be with us that night so we brought along a guest investigator who asked brilliant questions to the homeowners and worked wonderfully with our little group. We set up shop and did the investigation.  We didn’t really have many personal experiences.  But as we always say, “you never know what you find on your recorders”, and well…we weren’t disappointed but we didn’t catch who we thought we would.  Enjoy our audio at the bottom of this post.  We know the homeowners did!

We have been invited back and we look forward to spending more time with this fantastic household.  Our hosts couldn’t have been nicer and so easy to work with.

Thank you Ojai for always being such a great place to visit.


Ojai Arcade and the Pink Moment
Ojai Ave Arcade and the “Pink Moment”

It was a chilly night as we stood in front of the Ojai residence. The rose bushes in front of the house were ready to bloom. The couple opened their door and welcomed us to their home. First thing I noticed once I entered the home were the beautiful paintings that surrounded the walls. I couldn’t look away from the paintings. The colors and the story behind the paintings were breathtaking. The homeowner is an artist and she has her own studio in the house.

The couple gave us a tour of their home and everywhere they had antiques. From the doorknobs to the penny chair in their bedroom. They are definitely in love with their home.

I did have a personal experience. As we stood in the bedroom during an EVP session I felt the floor move as if someone was slowly walking between me and another investigator. The floors are wooden and if anyone moved the floors would creak and move. The other investigator and I confirmed what we had heard and no one else was near us. I was quite intrigued. I hope to go back if invited again.

The place was simply comfy, peaceful and beautiful.


Our Evidence

The surprising thing about this investigation is the the claims are of the previous male homeowner.  But our EVPS are clearly a female voice.

EVP #1

On this recording, the homeowner is describing the old shed that was once in the backyard. They had to finally knock it down as it deteriorated so much and became unsafe.



The homeowner is asking us if we were cold (one of us had put on our jacket) and the same female voice responded.


Sadly most of our efforts were directed to the male presence that was actually seen at the home. We look forward to going back and reaching out to the lady of house!

Haunted in Ventura

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ventura sign

The city of Ventura (also known as San Buenaventura) California has an amazing and rich history.  Father Junipero-Serra founded Mission San Buenaventura in 1782,forming the basis of what would become the city.

The inhabitants at the time of the arrival of the Spanish in the late 18th Century were a local band of the Chumash tribe (the Mitskanaka).  Folks then migrated to the city in the 1800’s and found the land was was rich with Oil and the soil ideal for farmland.  The farmland still exists, but this city now also has a great low-key, kickback vibe with a fun-in-the-sun surfing feel.

But Ventura also has some great haunts! I have been fortunate enough to investigate the beautiful Bella Maggorie, where a disembodied voice will greet you as you enter an empty room.  And the the Pierpont Inn, located on the beach, where we had a bedroom door shut in our faces as we were saying goodnight.

So I was excited when we were invited to investigate a Ventura home built in 1956.  The owners and their children had some pretty good claims. Items moving in the kitchen and office.  Voices being heard and shadows being seen.  Things moving right in front of them on the table. Some type of activity is experienced almost every day.

 Main Street Ventura 1920s

I have investigated the home several times now and it seems that the more and more we are there the more the spirits are communicating in bolder ways.  In the past we would just get EVPS and some great hits on the EMF, hear footsteps walking towards us, but on our last visit  I saw something in front of my face (we are in darkness) as if something, or someone was starting to form in front of me, and I even reach out for it.  But it quickly disappeared.

It was an exciting night.  Liz and Jolene share their experiences below.  I get haunted updates from the homeowner often and they are always happy to have us back. I think the spirits are comfortable with us being there and are more curious of us now.  So I look forward to the research we can conduct in the home and even the history of the home in order to find some answers on who our spirit guest may be.


Old Ventura
Early Ventura Home

This house was like any other house in Ventura. A quiet neighborhood in a beach town. They called Haunted After Hours to help them understand what was going on in their home. The place at the beginning of the investigation seemed like a normal house in a quiet neighborhood in a beach town. We had been doing EVP sessions in each room and we had finally moved to the living room. Then Haunted After Hours investigator Kimberly and I saw it. We were both looking down the hallway from the living room. A ball a light suddenly appeared on the ceiling and moved slightly and then disappeared. Kimberly and I looked at each other and were like “Did you see that?” I quickly stood up and took off after it. I wanted to see if I could debunk it. I tried every door in the hallway. The windows if any could cause that white light. I found nothing and I realized that Kimberly and I had seen something awesome. I love the Ventura house and I would love to return to investigate it. Also the popcorn and cookies that was offered us were delicious!



Ventura County Courthouse Built 1910

We received a call from the client one night in regards to investigating their home. So the Haunted after Hours girls set it up and off we went. While conducting EVP sessions and filming in each room, there were certain things happening that had me in wonder. Of course I do try to find a logical explanation for certain claims but this time there were a couple of things that could not be scientifically explained.

Main Street Ventura 1889

First the laser grid being moved right in front of us, then I witnessed a REALLY TALL shadow lean forward out from the doorway in the hallway bathroom and when it noticed I saw it, then it went back in the bathroom very quick and it was only us girls in the living room sitting down and me and the owner facing the hallway….I got no EVPS but did have a couple of personal experiences. Needless to say were going back, this was my first time there, but I feel another investigation would help the client to bring resolution and comfort in knowing possibly who or what it is and how to co exist peacefully. I look forward to the next time!!!!



The attached EVPS were taken on our first and second visits to the home, all in 2012. The video was taken during our last investigation in January of 2013

I can’t figure out what this voice is saying, but you can hear me talking to homeowner about where to investigate inside the house where their dog won’t disturb us. If you have any idea what the voice is saying please let us know!


We were finally able to catch the thumps and bangs our homeowners constantly hear in the house.


This is the video capturing the event I mentioned above in my post. I was seeing something form in front of me. I announce it to the group, I reach for it, and then our other investigator Kim (yes, there were two blonde Kim’s investigating that night) said she saw something like a blip.  And then the camera caught a large moving light in front of me.

You will need a good media player in order to see this ball of light. It’s really fast.

Light Blip

If the above link does not work on your computer you can watch it on youtube: Youtube Video

Now I am not saying this video is paranormal.  This is the first time I caught anything on my video camera so I am still learning.  So if you have a theory as to what it might be, even if you think it is NOT paranormal? Please share your thoughts. I am totally open to other interpretations. It’s the only way I will grow as an investigator.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our adventures! Happy Haunting! ~Kimberly

Preston Castle

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Old preston castle

When you think of the word “CASTLE” the images that come to your mind are….Knights in Armor, Jousting, Moat surrounding the Castle with Alligators swimming in it.  Well when it comes to PRESTON CASTLE its none of that but in my opinion its better!!!

When I first booked the Investigation at Preston Castle I felt giddy yet nervous.  Wow a huge Castle , ALL night long, AMAZING!!!!

The night finally came and driving up to the Castle, my stomach was doing flip flops with excitement.  There we were standing in front of this absolutley BEAUTIFUL Enormous Castle.  Shadows from the Castle cast an eerie yet Inviting sight.

I walked up the steps to the Castle to take a picture with an old friend and while standing there “something, someone” grabbed my necklace and pulled on it.  My first thought was “Right on, let the night begin”!!!

The night was Incredible with all kinds of experiences for most of the group.  Lets just say it was a Spine Tingeling, Energy pumping, Heart racing, Adrenalin rushing excellent time!!!   The docents were the best!!!   WE WILL BE BACK!!!!!

Here is a slight piece of Preston history for ya!!

The boys 1

In 1890, the California State Legislature purchased 230 acres from the Ione Coal & Iron Company for construction of the Preston School of Industry, a place where troubled boys could learn a trade instead of being incarcerated in juvenile prisons.  The complex was highly self-sufficient; the large acreage of the purchase allowed the boys to grow their own food, raise livestock and learn farming trades. Additionally, there was a print shop, bakery and cobbler shop where the young delinquents and otherwise homeless boys could learn skills for self-preservation in the real world.

The school officially opened on June 13, 1894, and the first wards moved in only two weeks later. The superintendent controlled life inside the Preston School of Industry, where discipline was extreme. Loss of privileges seemed minor in comparison to starvation, isolation, and public paddling and lashings, severe strategies that were common at Preston.  A convicted burglar, Samuel Goins, arrived at Preston School in July 1918. Within his first year, Samuel attempted to escape Preston three times.

Hospital room

On April 19, 1919, during his third attempt, a Preston guard named John Kelly shot Samuel in the back; at 20 years old, he died two months shy of his release date. Other young men died within the school walls — most from diseases like Yellow Fever and Tuberculosis.

The murder of Samuel Goins was not the only fatal act of violence that occurred at the school. In 1950, Preston’s head housekeeper, Anna Corbin, was beaten to death.  Anna Corbin’s killer was never found.

he Preston School of Industry remained open until 1960 when new facilities for the school were completed. The building remained vacant and fading into disrepair until September 10, 2001 when The Preston Castle Foundation received a fifty-year lease for the property. The Preston Castle has also been named a California State Historical Landmark

~ Jolene



The first time I laid eyes on Preston Castle it looked like a castle overlooking its kingdom.  It stood over a hill and huge lights were basking the castle.  This place was special indeed.

We were ten investigators that studied and took pictures of the castle once we arrived.  The docents introduced themselves and I knew that we would have fun.  They explained the rules and gave us a tour of the location.  The building was in need of repairs but it was magnificent.  It was missing some of its ceilings and floors.  There were parts that were ready to cave in as well but it didn’t stop the castle of impressing me.  I wanted to know of its history and charm.  The docents did not disappoint.

Finally our group was spilt in half.  Five investigators and a docent with off to start investigate, while I stayed with the other four investigators and a docent.  We started at the basement and worked our way upstairs.  Some of the investigators had personal experiences and I am sad to admit I was not one of them.  Throughout the whole night I kept thinking “This place is so awesome!  I want to come back!  This place is so awesome!  I want to come back!”

The boys 2

As the night went on the temperatures kept dropping.  The temperature at the beginning was 32 degrees and then it went down to 28 agrees and by the time we finished our investigation the temperature had dropped to 19 degrees.  Quite a chilly night indeed but and an amazing adventure.  Yes I was shivering and yes I was getting nice and cozy with fellow investigators for warmth.  The cold did not stop me from having a great time investigating Preston Castle.

Preston Castle is a great place to investigate.  The place does not disappoint, even if it was 19 degrees outside.  The history of the place is so rich and the docents were just dolls.  They were so informative and respectful.  I love Preston Castle and the docents were the cherries on top.  I can’t wait to go back, when it’s warmer.

~ Liz



We reached the castle at night 6:00pm in the dark. But the docents had these amazing outdoor spotlights that basked the castle in this haunted glow.  I remember standing in the cold, in the dark, in the quiet, just looking up at the massive structure and it took my breath away.

I am not one that really feels things on investigations so when I do get some sort of tingle I pay close attention.  The moment we walked into the building (which again was dark, there are no lights inside) my arm hairs and even the hair on my head stood on end so much that I needed to take in a deep breath.  It was nothing bad, but the castle is ripe with spiritual energy.  It’s the only way I can explain the charge that was running through my body.  That feeling never went away.  This location has the true feeling of a haunted house just like you see in the movies.

The castle was massive so thank goodness our ghost hosts were there.  It would be so easy to get lost.  I will admit I was turned around in the dark a few times.We split up into two teams, and our little group started with the basement area.  As I was looking down a long hallway with a window at the far end I saw a small figure run from one end of the hallway to the other. It was really fast, low to the ground, completely freestanding (not a shadow on the wall) and much more dark then the darkness in the hallway.  Yes it was that dark.  I have never experienced anything like that in my life. I know what I saw and I feel so lucky to have witnessed it.

other building

The night grew colder as the hours went on (6 hours investigation time in total) but our docents never complained once (even though we were…I am a wimp) they continued with their positive attitude, kept us laughing, kept us intrigued with the history and the ghost stories.  I know our little group made some wonderful new friends that night.

I look forward to our next visit there…maybe in spring…maybe in fall.  Southern California girl needs her warm haunted locations!

~ Kimberly


The folks of Preston Castle are doing everything they can to hold onto this California gem.  The donations you give to investigate this wonderfully haunted location goes directly into the restoration of the castle.  One window can cost $900!!  Go ahead, count all the windows, I dare ya!   So please spread the word to all your paranormal friends.  This location welcomes you, they make every visit personal and enjoyable.  The docents work very hard to give you a wonderful night of investigation…and remember your money goes to the castle, these wonderful ghost host work for free!

If you would like to reach out to them you can visit their website: or by email:

UPDATE 1/31: Possible EVPS

Sorry these are late folks! Here are some interesting audio clips from our investigation.  We don’t want to influence you by telling you what we think the EVPs are saying, we would like to know what you hear.  Let us know your thoughts.

We have two clips from our spirit box session. The first one is Sally, our ghost host, asking the spirits to wish her a happy birthday. We think he does! The other clip is Sally again asking for Miguel, and we get a response, from two different voices.

Happy Birthday Sally      Two Miguels

This clip was taken in the nurses office after Jolene hurt her knee. There sounds like a voice speaking just after she says “a blood boil”

Jolenesleftknee_dr office

5 of us are in the kitchen, we are being very quiet and the room seemed quiet so Liz asked “where are you?”


Haunted After Hours is up and running with a paranormal weekend!

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Our website is finally up and running!!!

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Our Paranormal Weekend!


The girls and I are excited to a have fully paranormal weekend! Liz and I are headed off to San Francisco today to spend some time in Alcatraz. Then wander a few old mansions. Our goal is to visit as many haunted locations in SF as we can.


Then on Saturday we will be heading out to meet Jolene and a few other ghost hunters for an exciting night at Preston Castle.  It’s an over night stay. Something I have not experienced yet.  It’s going to be a cold long night but I can’t think of doing anything better!!!

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